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Easy to complete membership details, member maintained, security selection of visibiltiy be your membership.

Comprehensive data fields including member photos. Membership card printing

You can search on complex sets of criteria within the membership database are available through custom reporting.

Search and sort members quickly by surname, firstname, membership type, membership fee type or membership number.

Members can be assigned to sub-organisations such as special interest groups or regions

Enter further information in the keyword field . The keyword field is searchable

All members are first entered as guest and are then ‘joined’ to become members if required. Guests can remain on the system indefinitely.

Exsiting membership list can be added by bulk upload .

Existing members can be renewed and lapsed members can be reestablished

Easy administration of subscriptions and subscription payments, all subscription payments are recorded

Payment records are created automatically for subscriptions. One off payment records can be created manually.

View and/or print a list of members whose membership period will expire .

View and/or print a list of members by membership type (Full Member, Associate Member, Expired etc)

Export the results of queries to CSV.

Manage Events and monitor bookings, permit online bookings on events

Subscriptions that qualify for Giftaid are recorded and reported separately.

Record a communication history with any member/contact .

Powerful scaleabe architecture enables the member grouping facility allows groups the be built in a structure of subgroups. with members to be assigned to these groups.

Users can create as many groups as they wish and assign members to as many of these groups as is required.

Member groups can then be used as criteria for reports, bulk emails, mail merges etc.


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