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Managing Membership

ActivityForum is a powerful tool that allows you to administer all your membership details and lists, simply and efficiently.

With ActivityForum you can:

  • Keep up-to-date, records
  • Control member access
  • Easily transfer member roles
  • Assign unique member logins
  • Selectable E-Mail Management
  • Update member records quickly and easily
  • Save time managing new subscriptions and membership applications
  • Unlimited Membership Fee Types
  • Print Mailing labels for contacting members by post
  • Mail Merge CSV file for Word Processing
  • Gift Aid claim management
  • Subscription renewals reports and correspondence (e-mail and Post)
  • Credit Card Payments repeat payments and single payments
  • Member access to their own details

    You will save your time and money by using the built in e-mail service that gives you a
    number of options for generating your mail lists.

 Contcat Roger for your free trial period
e-mail him at roger@activityforum.co.uk


ActivityForum is scaleable, it works for groups or associations of any size.


From a single club of some 100 members to an organisation that has a country-wide membership based on a central office cascading down to Sub Groups in counties and towns.


Or an organisation that has members all over the country with groups in regions and others which have specific interests.


ActivityForum will spread the administration load from the centre to the regions and groups.


Scale-free structures are ideal for systems that support formal organisations that vary in size from small to large numbers of participants. These organisations are not often commercial in nature, and those that are not commercial are often funded by their volunteer's annual subscriptions or in some cases from public funds.


Not only does this method engage with your membership at a much more local level, but you can also normally encourage these members to support you with some voluntary effort.



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