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Subscriptions and Renewals

ActivityForum handles subscriptions and renewals easily. With just a few clicks you can search your membership list to get the information you need.

The system will generate emails and mailing labels for your reminders.

Using ActivityForum to manage your subscriptions and renewals you will be able to:

  • Central subscription records
  • Update membership records quickly and easily
  • Quickly add details of new members
  • Unlimited Membership Types
  • Manage subscription renewals when required
  • Automated mailing labels for renewal reminders
  • Generate lists of overdue subscriptions
  • Lockout lapsed members
  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Control who can access different security levels
  • Flexible Member Directory, member controlled personal detail visibility
  • Credit Card Payments for single and recurring payments such as annual subscription
  • Monthly Subscription can be collected by monthly recurring credit card payments
  • Maintain Member Contact with the mail tool and list manager.
  • Dramatically increase your frequency of contact with your members easily and at no cost

Contact Roger for your free trial period  e-mail him at roger@activityforum.co.uk


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