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About ActivityForum

ActivityForum is an excellent web-based membership management system bringing together a set of tools for running your club, association, groups, and communities:

  • Member Registration
  • Fees and Renewals reminders
  • Maintain all your membership details
  • Administer new subscriptions.
  • Repeat Billing  for annual renewals
  • Automatic Reminders including reminder letters
  • Mail Merge from the member database
  • Create and publicise events.
  • Keep in touch via an email broadcast
  • Compose and send targeted e-mails
  • Handle Credit Card Payments
  • Collect Direct Debit Payments
  • Confirmation e-mails
  • Web-Based 24x7 access
  • Member-only Zones
  • Member Directory
  • Multiple Payment Providers
  • Automatic Suspension for non-payment

Secure System - Secure Data

Security and reliability are guaranteed, ActivityForum uses the latest server and internet technology giving you peace of mind.

Contact Roger now for your free trial period  at roger@activityforum.co.uk

Groups in Groups


Set up

"Once I decided to go for the trial period the ActivityForum team literally swung into action, they gave me the upload instructions and how to create a CSV file from my existing database.

Then they took care of it all"


I was able to start using the system for generating the first set of renewals for 18 months, after struggling with the old system it was like night and day.

Since using the system we have organised more event (its easier), we have generated more interest in our professional group and increased the association membership.


Club Software

Web-available applications are given any number of technical names, such as Cloud, SaaS (Software as a Service) ASP (Application Service Provision) and now On Demand what it means is that your club membership details and software are on a web server.

Your application is available to you all day every day. It's a managed service, it's backed up, it's maintained, it's secure. it's looked after.......



This gives you continuity as a management committee it ensures that year on year the same methods are used to keep a record that it's easy for a new member Hon Secretary to take over, and if they are not around someone else can handle any queries.
All in all a much better solution.

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