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Friends of Jesus Hospital is a member of the Campaign Group network of groups.
Dear Jesus Hospital Supporter







This note is to extend considerable thanks from the Jesus Hospital Committee for your support in the campaign for the ‘Save Jesus Hospital’ project. As a result of your support through 2009 and 2010, we have achieved the objective of retaining Jesus Hospital, Bray in its existing form and for the use intended by William Goddard - the original benefactor. Jesus Hospital has now become part of the Donnington Hospital Trust, a chain of Almshouses serving Berkshire - the handover has now been completed successfully.

We raised some £19,000 as a ‘fighting fund’ and there has been expenditure of £15,000 on Legal Advice, Surveyors and Care Consultants. We were expecting to pay Bell Pottinger and other PR companies but they provided their services pro bono. We were also able to withdraw from an agreement to commission a major survey of the Jesus Hospital site. Consequently, there is an amount of £4,000 remaining. As mentioned in our original fund raising letter, we have passed this money to Bray Parish Charities to be used for good causes in the Parish of Bray. We thought you should be made aware of how your generosity has been used.
We shall continue to be associated with Jesus Hospital through the ‘Friends of Jesus Hospital’ and we look forward to this landmark building and the people living there being part of our Bray community for many years to come.
Once again sincere thanks to you all for your support in this campaign.
Graham Barker

William Goddard

Friends of Jesus Hospital 07-06-2010


"The news from the Charity Commission that the transfer of the Jesus Hospital Trusts to the Donnington Hospital Trust is complete is hugely welcome and the culmination of a campaign which started a year ago. This means that the residents of Jesus Hospital can stay in their homes and that a long-established almshouse charity is running the Jesus Hospital as Almshouses - the purpose for which they were built by William Goddard.
Enormous thanks are due to all those who contributed to the campaign which was started by Adele Kilby. There  has been wonderful support from a huge range of people including Sir Michael Parkinson (our patron), Rolf Harris,  RBWM, Theresa May, Bell Pottinger, the National Almshouse Association and many other almshouses and advisers who have freely given their time and effort to saving the Jesus Hospital almshouses. The Friends were formed following the public meeting at Jesus Hospital in June 2009. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the fundraising and all those who posted leaflets and posters in shops and pubs all over the county.
The Friends remain grateful to the Fishmongers Company for agreeing to the transfer. It has been a huge effort for all concerned to effect the legal transfer of a 400 year old series of charitable trusts.
The Friends are delighted that the Donnnington Hospital Trust is now running the Jesus Hospital and have offered their continued support to the running of this important part of our community.
Graham Barker



The following was sent to Graham Barker Chairman of the Friends of Jesus Hospital, from the Charity Commission yesterday 3 June 2010


Dear Graham
I am sure you will be delighted to hear that today we have finalised the change of trusteeship to Donnington Hospital. The scheme to authorise the change has been put into effect from 3/6/10.

Please can I ask you to inform the other members of the Friends of Jesus Hospital as I am sure that they will be happy to learn of this development.

I would like to thank you for your help and patience during this matter and wish you all the best for the future.
With best wishes
Graham Divers
Charity Commission

This means the campaign to retain the Alms House at Jesus Hospital in Bray for the residents has been a success. The trusteeship has been changed and the future of the residents is assured.  


Your strong community support for the campaign has led to a successful conclusion.  



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