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Basingstoke Friends
Basingstoke Friends is a member of the AIVC network of groups.

MakerSpace: Open Evening & Social at Wetherspoon

Tuesday 23 Jul 2019
19:00 to 23:00 
Basingstoke Makerspace, Julians House, 65 New Road, Basingstoke (Old Royal Naval Club flat roof building) + Maidenhead Inn later

Science and Tech enthusiasts in Basingstoke Friends IVC Group who like practical technology are invited to try out something new at the Basingstoke Makerspace Open Evening from 7.00pm.

For more details about Basingstoke MakerSpace, see their web site below:

You will find Basingstoke Makerspace in their new premises at Maritime House. Look for the flat roofed building on New Road behind the Top of Town area just past the Council Offices.

Afterwards we join up with the Basingstoke Makerspace members in the Maidenhead Wetherspoons pub from around 9.00pm for a drink and a chat. We are normally somewhere near the front of the pub ... look for the Basingstoke Friends table sign.

Contact: Kevin R and Bob C

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