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Cyber Cafe Sci - The Science of the Undead

Thursday 11 Mar 2021
19:00 to 21:00
Venue Link:  

Dr. Charlotte Booth talks about the scientific theories underlying the folklore of the undead.


Cafe Scientifique is a national movement for science and technology in casual settings: each has its own character but all are fun, engaging, informal and explore fascinating ideas in science and technology.

Charlotte Booth, author of A History of the Undead, is a PhD in Egyptology and was a professional Egyptologist for a number of years writing numerous books and articles on the subject. Since leaving the industry she found a new found writing freedom and her latest book, The History of the Undead, uncovers the truth behind the undead (mummies, zombies and vampires) by exploring folklore, archaeology and science to unravel the truth.

Are Zombie Real?

A brief introduction to some of the scientific studies that have gone into unravelling the truth behind zombies. Are they brain eating creatures risen from the dead? Or is it something more pedestrian?

Contact: Cyber Cafe Scientifique (Promoted by Bob Clifford, Basingstoke IVC Sience Cafe,

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