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RI: Climate Models and Climate Change

Thursday 14 Jan 2021
19:00 to 20:30
Event Link:  

Please note this is the rescheduled event from 25 Nov 2020. 

Basingstoke IVC Science Cafe invite you to this free Royal Institution talk titled "How can climate models help us respond to climate change?"

Please re-register for the event via this link:

The old link will not work for this rescheduled date.

We will have the replay of the video available for 72 hours after the event for those of you that can’t make the new date. It will also be uploaded to YouTube in the future.

In this talk, Vicky Pope describes what goes into a cutting-edge climate model, how it is used to provide information on how and why the climate is changing and how it might change in the future.

She will explore the complete cost of solutions to the problems we face. Climate change is a challenge for society – scientists, engineers and policymakers can help if they work together.


Prof Vicky Pope is a climate scientist specialising in climate modelling and providing science to help both governments and the general public to understand the implications of climate change.

Her work has helped to provide the information that the government and others need to reduce the worst impacts of climate change. She has also helped to encourage evidence-based decisions on diverse issues including drought and the interaction between air quality and climate change.

Her current interests are very diverse, encouraging wider appreciation and protection of the environment and improved access to science and mathematics education. She is the Chair and trustee for a number of charities and an honorary professor at University College London.

If you have any issues with your registration, please contact us at

Contact: The Royal Institute, (promoted by Bob Clifford, Basingstoke IVC Science Cafe;

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